Friday, July 20, 2012

Comic Con

Hey look. A bunch of concept paintings that i did for season two of The Legend of Korra were posted on io9.  I did the painted environments except for the grayscale overgrown courtyard near the bottom. Korra apparently was a winner at Comic Con and rightfully so!
Here is a very unofficial catfish ram doodle.  Slippery like a catfish ornery like a ram.


Amy Kim said...

I knew it! The ones of the icy tundra and the southern air temple were amazingly beautiful

Philip Wanardi said...

With his ramming ability and slippery body Im sure he would be much more useful to team avatar than Pabu :)

Good luck with season 2! Miss ya bud

Quyn Clemons said...

Amazing work! Glad you're doing what you do.
-(Sharon's Grandson)